My Secret to Stress Relief


It’s as simple as that. Well, I say simple but I do understand that people struggle to get ‘stuck in’ to a book and therefore can find it more stressful. I recently had a friend tell me she didn’t want to read Anne Frank’s Diary because she ‘knew how it ended’.

Either way, the concept can be adapted to anything. Reading, writing, colouring, watching a movie. It’s about getting out of your own headspace and becoming someone or somewhere else.

Reading for me transports me from my life and into the world of the characters. Films can do too, or TV series even, just less so. This distraction from my own worries and stresses allow me a break from my anxious little brain. I’m often still involved in the characters lives even after the book ends and I’ve often found myself wondering what they’re up to now. Sometimes I catch myself feeling sad for no reason other than the fact a really great series has ended.

For me, a good storyline in anything, whether it’s a book or a movie, allows me to semi predict the ended so that I’m involved but with a series of twists and turns to keep me engaged. I also definitely prefer to read a book first before watching the film version (if there is one) because I feel like I get a lot more embedded with book characters and there is scope for a lot more detail. I’ve recently learnt that some absolutely great films, like ‘In Her Shoes’ were originally books and I, unfortunately, had no idea! Now I need to weigh up whether I read the book or not, as I already know the ending.

Anyhow, if you do feel yourself getting agitated, anxious, stressed or even just need a little break from something, then I do highly recommend trying reading as a form of escape. And perhaps try talking to someone?

– Talk Soon!

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