Day Trip to Dresden, Germany

On a recent visit to Prague, I wanted to make the most of our time by going on a day trip somewhere. I personally don't think that there are tonnes of things to do in Prague (watch out for that blog post) so I'm really happy that we chose to visit Dresden in Germany whilst we were... Continue Reading →

My Secret to Stress Relief

Reading. It's as simple as that. Well, I say simple but I do understand that people struggle to get 'stuck in' to a book and therefore can find it more stressful. I recently had a friend tell me she didn't want to read Anne Frank's Diary because she 'knew how it ended'. Either way, the... Continue Reading →

My Career So Far – May 2018

I am always super curious about how other bloggers made it to where they are today. Whether they're using their blog as their main source of income, just starting out or doing it as a bit on the side. So, with this in mind, I thought I would write about my career for far for... Continue Reading →

When in Italy…

Are you planning a trip to Italy soon? Whether it’s a one destination holiday or a multi-stop adventure, here’s a list of some incredible experiences I’ve had whilst exploring one of my favourite countries. Venice Venice is very high in my Italian favourites just where it’s so unique and picturesque. Be sure to visit St... Continue Reading →

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